Be a Blue Ceo.
Create the Blue Metaverse

Blue is a collection of 10,000 company NFTs that power the Blue World. We started the project with the idea of developing original digital representations of the real world company datasets.

A visual image and an excel dataset.

Distribution Protocol

Buying a Digital Company collectible.
Own a digital piece of the Blue Metaverse.
The companies are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. (See Record and Proof.)

Be a CEO

Once the sale is over the items will
be listed on marketplaces.

The Secret Roadmap

Project introduction.  24 hours for 500 Genesis CEOS, 24 hours 1,000 for pre-launch for discord
Level 1: Seeds
The NFT project is showcased and the community is built up on social media and discord. The excitement and love of art that is developing around the project increases.
Level 2: Series A
All NFTs are claimed. The virtual companies are on Opensea and other marketplaces. The evolution code launches and begins making this a generative art piece. The NFT’ evolve continuously and you can watch them grow.
Level 3: Series B
Collectors understand mechanisms, distribution probabilities and and developers might build interesting projects to showcase the generative art pieces in the metaverse.
Level 4: Series C
Community projects begin to ramp up. New marketplaces emerge, game theory dynamics begin to take shape, and NFT excitement grows around the world.
Some NFTs are named, have a mission and a storyline + website/social
Level 5: Series D
The twist. As the ecosystem and community matures the generative art pieces can be displayed in many virtual worlds/art galleries. A true historic collectible.
Level 6: Public
Final form is reached (730 days - 2 years) and the long term art holders are
rewarded with discord access, networking groups and visual works.
Digital fake companies resemble "real" companies more than their counterparts. A true metaverse.


What is the Blue company NFT?
A blue company NFT is 2 things. One
part visual graph and one part JSON data attributes about
the NFT company information

The possibilities are endless
What is the utility?
Community projects begin to ramp up. New marketplaces emerge, game theory dynamics begin to take shape, and companies have true identity.
How do I get a company NFT?
You have to register and be approved for the whitelist sale.
If you’re unable to purchase they will be availalable to
purchase on our site + opensea
How will the community fund be used?
We will use for the development of our community, website and to cover costs to set up.
How many companies are there?
There are 10,000 NFT’s
How fast will the roadmap happen?
The roadmap is completed even before we sell the art collectibles as we developed these ideas beforehand.

Will they be for sale on marketplaces?
Yes the NFT’s will be on Opensea and our platform alongside anyone that wants to sell them!